Cross border new blue ocean
        Since 2015, the business scale of using overseas warehouse mode to deliver goods has been greatly improved. With the rapid expansion and upgrading of cross-border electric goods, more and more large goods and heavy goods are sold directly to overseas consumers through cross-border e-commerce. However, it is almost impossible for the goods to be accepted by overseas consumers by shipping after they are sold, so overseas warehouse is the best choice. At present, Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, wish and other e-commerce platforms all encourage Chinese sellers to use overseas warehouse delivery to ensure the customer experience of "1-3 days delivery".
Shared warehouse platform
        "Shared warehouse" is the global advocate of b2s2c industry mode. Since 2017, sunshine Jietong (Beijing) Trade Services Co., Ltd. has been building "shared warehouse" with the concept and mode of sharing economy( )”Relying on the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence digital technology, the platform promotes the establishment of a one-stop sharing and collaboration mode of global cross-border warehousing resources, which has been established in the UK and other countries France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland and other countries have opened 20 overseas warehouses (sharing stations) in Shanghai, and successively won the titles of "top 10 overseas warehouses" and "the best cross-border e-commerce logistics service enterprise".
Overseas warehouse version 3.0
        Sunshine Jietong has built a 10000 square meter "cross-border e-commerce bonded goods preparation export warehouse" in Horgos comprehensive protection zone, which adopts the operation mode of cross-border e-commerce B2B "integrated" comprehensive protection zone centralized goods preparation and "batch" departure according to the electronic account book (supervision mode 1210) to overseas warehouse, and uses the comprehensive protection zone as the frontier front warehouse of e-commerce goods, In combination with the "Wuwu net" one-stop transportation platform between China and Europe, the integration of "warehouse + distribution" is promoted. The bonded export goods of cross-border e-commerce can be delivered to the "shared warehouse" European Union overseas post station in 8-9 days from the holgos comprehensive protection zone.
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