Global Warehouse Version 3.0
        According to statistics, Chinese enterprises had set up more than 1000 various types of storage facilities globally, the vast majority of which are for self-logistics and known as the Overseas Warehouse Version 1.0; In recent years, with the support of supply chain system, the smarter Overseas Warehouse Version 2.0 begin to serve the cross-border e-commerce B2B trade. By information exchanges with international e-commerce platform, only the new international trade model B2S2C (Business-to-Store-to-Customer) as we called the global warehouse version 3.0 can directly cover the warehousing, transporting into and out of China, and finally deliver to global consumers in one-stop way.
Develop the optimal Cross-border Ecological Resources
        The "Co-Shared Storage" platform closely cooperates with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank headquarters, China International Book Trade Group, Kerry Group, U-Freight Group, Yixin Europe Railway Express, Hebei Silk Road Empire Supply Chain and fully play the huge effect of social idle resources and high quality resources sharing and coordination, which provides the "Internet + supply chain + cross-border finance" one-stop service for the members of the "Co-Shared Storage" platform.
Coverage of global logistics nodes
        In 2017, "Co-Shared Storage" platform was officially launched. At the same time, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen started to operate the "Domestic Co-Shared Storage". Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York launched operations "Overseas Co-Shared Storage". In 2018, the "Co-Shared Storage" platform will be launched one after another in the United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Japan and so on.
Share with Co-Shared Storage to the Whole planet
       "Co-Shared Storage" platform launched in 2017 and cover China Co-Shared Warehouses located in Shanghai, Yiwu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Global Co-Shared Warehouses located in Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles. The Global Co-Shared Warehouses network will cover The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Czech, Australia, Japan in 2018.
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